Alto Large Basket
Alto Large Basket
Alto Large Basket

Alto Large Basket


Che Sara baskets are made to hold all of your knick-knacks and precious belongings.  From small things to big things, there’s always the perfect basket to suit your space. 

As we want to be reminded of the Italian summer, our baskets are available in shades of blue and white. Each basket is hand sewn and hand painted, therefore no two baskets are the same.

Our baskets come with a note that has a blank space for you to write your own little message. 


Cotton rope

Large 220w x 100h mm
This size is a guide only as each handmade item slightly varies.

Ciao (Hello or good-bye)
Per Sempre (Forever)
Grazie Mille (Many thanks)

Baskets are made to order, please allow four days for your item to be sewn and painted. If you would like something sooner, feel free to contact us and we will do our best to accommodate.